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Reset a wrong push to gerrit

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Someone did a very bad thing to our code system – merged a developing code to master branch. Luckily it is the weekend no one else is pulling the code. But to do a git hard reset on a remote gerrit is not as simple as I thought.

In fact, it is not complicated either – all we need to do is to delete the master branch and recreate it with the proper commit ID. From the “branch” tab of gerrit, we should be able to do that. If the master branch doesn’t have a checkbox, we need to edit the HEAD to be pointing to another branch, then you can delete your remote master branch. Of course, we need the proper SHA1 ID to recreate the master. I didn’t check Jenkins and I hope it will be fine.

I originally did some Google search and people were talking about forced push, history rewriting, push with ‘–delete’ flag etc. They are generic correct but I end up doing the ‘–delete’ command, which deletes the master branch — equivalent to the UI, and have to fix the ‘[remote rejected] master (branch is currently checked out)’ issue. I also granted myself push and force push permissions in gerrit access control.

shawnReset a wrong push to gerrit

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