Other Companies Should Have To Read This Internal Netflix Presentation

“The presentation, which you can see for yourself [attached], is as interesting as any 128-page document can be. If you read it over, about half-way through, you’ll probably start wishing you worked for Netflix. This was meant to be an internal document for employees to read, but it’s also one hell of a recruitment pitch.”


  • Great Workplace is Stunning Colleagues
    Great workplace is not day-care, espresso, health benefits, sushi lunches, nice offices, or big compensation, and we only do those that are efficient at attracting stunning colleagues
  • Loyalty is good
    But unlimited loyalty to a shrinking firm, or to an ineffective employee, is not what we are about
  • Hard Work – Not Directly Relevant
    We don’t measure people by how many evenings or weekends they are in their cube
    We do try to measure people by how much, how quickly and how well they get work done – especially under deadline
  • We should focus on what people get done, not how many hours or days worked. Just as we don’t have an 9-5 day policy, we don’t need a vacation policy.
  • Individuals should manage their own career paths, and not rely on a corporation for planning their careers




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