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I have an GPRS plan with 10M data per month, 5RMB, and tried a few new things with my e680i. Two major things: one is google reader, the other is gmail.
Gmail is accessible through mobile phone at However, they also provide a Java version gmail client, which is an MIDP 2.0 application. I downloaded one, and tried it with my little e680i (flashed with e680g).
The application accesses the network through HTTPS. I firstly tried cmwap connection, but failed. Then I tried cmnet, which is direct internet connection. This time it complains that no certificates available for authentication the server.
That is very odd. I checked gmail mobile help. They say the client requires a certificate from VeriSign root CA. Then I goto the browser configuration in e680. Surprisely, I found 4 root certificate there, but 3 named “CFCA xxx”, and one from “Jettronic”. Three CFCA are CA certificates from some organization in China, and the last one is from a company from Shanghai. There is no certificate from VeriSign or Thawte. This means, the browser will never be able to access any https pages over the internet.
The resolution is straightforward, I exported the certificate from my IE.
Internet Explorer->Tools->Options->Content->click Certificates->select Trusted Root CA tab->find the certificate named “Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority” and serial # 70:BA:E4:1D:10:D9:29:34:B6:38:CA:7B:03:CC:BA:BF ->click Export->Next->DER encoded binary X509->select file name->finish->copy the file to the phone->browser->settings->SSL certificates->Insert
Ok. I now can run the gmail java app on the mobile. It seems to be a little faster than the web version…I’m also surprised by its GUI, seems they do the GUI using CustomItem directly, they even make their own menus!

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